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Industrial & Commercial Services

In our shop or at your site

Bater Electric offers both inhouse repair and on site troubleshooting and maintenance. Our main shop is capable of repairing any motor from small single phase electric motors up to 1000HP, and our field service team and equipment is capable of performing electric motor troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair on almost any motor in the field.

In-House Repair Facility

Bater Electric is well suited to handle all your motor repair needs. Our shop has streamlined processes allowing us to repair almost any motor from small single phase motors all the way up to large 1000HP motors. We provide the best reporting and repairs in the BC North. Our Staff are highly trained in their field, our equipment has been recently upgraded and is state of the art, and our processes are audited by a third party to ensure quality.

Shop Capabilities

Our facility is over 10,000 square feet

We have a lifting capacity of 8 tons

Calibrated measuring and testing equipment

All critical equipment is calibrated and maintained to the highest standards in industry.

Electric motor and equipment repair services

Large electric Motor Repair AC and DC (up to 1000HP)

Small electric motor repair AC and DC (under 5HP)

Pump repair of all sizes (Conventional & Submersible)

Full motor testing and reporting

Our test panel is set up to test any voltage of motors including low voltage (120, 240, 460, and 575 volt), we can also run and test medium voltage (2300 volt) motors.

Vibration Analysis

We use state of the art equipment and our technician is trained and certified as a level 2 vibration expert by the Mobius Institute.


EASA Accredited

No Charge inspection

Warranty Repair

We are certified by almost all motor manufacturers to perform warranty repair on all sizes of electric motors.


Fully equipped machine shop

Field Services

Our experts in the field combined with the state-of-the-art equipment we use is unparalleled and can assist our customers increase their reliability, minimize downtime, and prevent catastrophic failures. We are fully set up to provide our customers with a range of services that help them troubleshoot and repair motors in the field. Our field services are not limited to just motors, we can perform field balancing and vibration analysis on almost any piece of equipment.

Field Service capabilities

Other Services

We partner with all of our customers and strive to offer them every service that they may need, which is why we offer a wide variety of services that others don’t.

Other Services Offered