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Residential Services

Residential and small motor repair

Bater Electric commonly repairs small electric motors 
(even under 5HP)

Bater Electric repairs small motors for any application. Why replace it when it can be repaired at an affordable price.

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Most times it is a single part or component on a small motor that needs to be repaired to operate properly.

Our technicians are able to determine the parts required and complete a simple repair to get your motor working.


When you want your motor to be working as good as new without the cost of buying a new motor, bring it in.

Our technicians will perform a full overhaul and ensure the motor will operate as well as it did right out of the box.


Sometimes the windings on specialized motors fail and the motor is no longer made or has become expensive to replace.

This is when we are able to complete a full rewind and overhaul on the motor and get your motor back to you.

Starter and alternator repair repair

Bater Electric has all the experience and equipment for your starter and alternator repairs 

Bater Electric has the tools, equipment and experience to repair or replace your automotive or industrial starters and alternators as needed. We are able to repair most automotive and industrial starters and alternators. Bring your unit in and we will see if we can help.

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Starter Repair

We are one of the few locations in Northern BC that has a full test panel and equipment to properly assess your starter to see what is wrong. Wether it is the bearings, drive assembly, windings, or other issues we can properly diagnose the issue and repair or provide our recommendations.

Alternator Repair

Bater Electric has a bench tester to run and test your alternator for proper diagnostics and repair. Once thoroughly tested we can properly repair most alternators.

other services

Bater Electric completes warranty repairs and many other services on motors and related components. Bring your unit in and we can see how we can help.

Warranty Repair

If your motor is still under warranty, we are usually able to assist you with repairing most brands.

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